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We work very hard to provide a customized service plan for each program participant that allows them to set their own path and work to achieve their personal goals. We do this in a variety of ways. Through community-based employment, cultural arts, volunteer opportunities, and community supports. Whatever an individual wants or needs, we work to deliver.

We are making great strides, have some wonderful success stories, and are so proud of what we have been able to do with your support.

Meet Michael

Michael Merriman is an amazing person. He is an accomplished artist, a community activist, a self-advocate, a volunteer, and so much more. His artwork has been on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and at Philadelphia’s City Hall. He has met with every legislator that would see him, and he has marched the hill in Harrisburg countless times. Read more about Michael and his story.

There are so many other important moments happening here, take a look:

Help us create these life-changing moments for so many more people who need them. #StartARipple

Neurodiversity in the Workplace Partner Organizations