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Avery’s road to employment was strained. He started out on the janitorial staff at the local IRS building and was making a very good salary. He was doing very well at the job and having much success. Avery’s parents made the decision to terminate his job due to some concerns. Primarily they were concerned about the loss of his SSI benefits because of his high salary. In addition, due to varying scheduled shifts, Avery was required to travel when it was dark outside. This travel schedule led to safety concerns as Avery is a very trusting and outgoing person, qualities that may put him at risk traveling on his own.

After much dialogue with Avery’s parents, they reluctantly let him try employment again. The job placement and support team was careful to keep Avery’s parents’ concerns at the top of mind while searching for the perfect position. The team was able to find a setting where Avery could work the hours necessary to build his skills, work in the community, and keep his SSI benefits intact. Also, the job coaching staff is able to provide transportation so that their safety concerns were addressed as well.

Avery is now celebrating his five year anniversary at his job at the Fresh Grocer on Walnut Street where he works at the customer service desk and as a grocery bagger. His job in the customer service field is a perfect fit as he has a great smile and has a cheerful personality. Avery has some communication challenges when he encounters new people, but quickly is able to overcome that challenge and learn to communicate with all. Because of Avery’s work ethic and outgoing personality, he is very popular at work with his managers, coworkers and regular customers. Avery is in uniform and ready for work at each of his scheduled shifts. Due to some issues with focusing, when the store is busy, Avery occasionally needs to be redirected to complete the necessary duties for the job. Avery responds to his managers and job coach and gets right back on track. He is a very good employee and truly is a role model for others.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace Partner Organizations