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Jeffery was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, but his diagnoses has not stopped him. In fact, Jeffrey does not even see himself as having a disability and has the attitude of “it is what it is.” This attitude has made Jeffrey not only a great employee and friend, but an inspiration to many. Jeffrey is a dedicated, hard-working, seven year employee at the PennDOT Driver’s License Center in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Because of his illness, Jeffrey had to undergo a number of surgeries beginning at the tender age of three at the Nemours/ Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. Jeffrey wore metal leg braces until the age of 19 and wears glasses to help him see better. Though it was more difficult at times than others, Jeffery says he really can’t complain and he feels “lucky.”

One day, Jeffrey’s father asked him “does it bother you that you were born with a disability?” His response, “there’s no reason to get upset or angry, there is nothing you can do about it, so you might as well make the best of it.” His reply really sums up Jeffrey’s positive, up-beat attitude.

During school years, Jeffrey was in special education classes but was able to attend some regular classes as well. He had a strong affinity towards computers and really liked to take them apart to see what made them work. Because of this love for computers, Jeffrey quickly became the go-to computer guy in the family helping many times when someone had questions about how to make something technical work.   After graduating from Council Rock High School in 2001, Jeffrey continued to explore his interests in computers, attending the CHI Institute studying computer science.

Ultimately, Jeffrey was referred to the job as license technician and he never looked back. He gets up early, takes public transportation and is eager to get to work on time. Because of his dedication to doing a good job, Jeffrey is typically among the first to arrive and starts the day by checking opening duties off the list.

When asked, Jeffrey’s co-workers could not say enough good things about him. In fact, one described Jeffrey as “the most marvelous co-worker he had ever worked with.” This sentiment was echoed by others as well. Jeffrey was described as a hard-working, giving, dedicated employee who always gives 150%. Jeffrey never lets his disability slow him down, quite the opposite, co-workers say, he shows up on time, never complains, and always makes the machines work—even the temperamental ones. 

Jeffrey is not sure what the future brings for him but is sure that everything will be good and he is excited to see that comes his way.

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