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Louise has been in her position just over a year and has already made a significant contribution to the organization and to the consumers that we serve through our Community Supports program. As a first order of business, Louise completed a book of resources for participants and their families, which included more than 40 pages of listings for low or no cost activities throughout the area. In addition, she sends out a monthly calendar of events to all of the people we serve. Both of these resources make it possible for our program participants to enjoy activities and engage their community in a much deeper way. The low or no cost options are particularly important for the families that we serve, as almost all are on fixed incomes and do not have much disposable income.

Louise is the primary person who oversees the case of Rasheed. Rasheed lives with his parents and has a number of natural supports around him, but his family needed help with companion care and habilitation for him. Louise approached the new relationship with Rasheed with great care and compassion, getting to know the family, and really working to understand what they hoped Rasheed would gain from his time in the community. Once Louise was familiar with Rasheed’s plan and the goals for him, off they went into the community.

Rasheed and Louise go to community events, to museums, they take public transportation, and take part in many other diverse activities, activities that once were thought to be something that Rasheed would never do. Louise has helped Rasheed to be part of the community, exploring new things every day. Louise has given Rasheed the gift of seeing the city through a whole new set of eyes, ones that include him in it. And, she has given his family much needed time and new hopes and dreams for what Rasheed will be able to accomplish.

Louise has made a profound impact on Rasheed’s family. She is beloved by her coworkers, and is a great person.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace Partner Organizations