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MorganĀ is a performing artist in our Cultural Arts program and has been a program participant for nearly two years. Some of the things that Morgan likes the most about coming to SpArc Services is the variety of activities that are available, such as ceramics class, sewing and costume making, music class, Friday dance classes with JeanAnne, and the opportunity to get out in the community and volunteer. Morgan is a 2012 graduate of Kensington CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) where she was able to develop her skills as a performing artist and continues to work on this talent here at SpArc Services.

Morgan's volunteering takes her to many interesting places throughout Philadelphia, including MANNA, Temple University Hospital, and Penn Home.

In addition to the formal activities offered, Morgan is a regular attendee at our First Friday dances, where she and her friends get the chance to socialize, unwind, and have a fun night of dinner and dancing.

Morgan is also very creative and likes to write, which is why she will be joining the e-newsletter team as a special contributor each month. This month, Morgan was interviewed for this profile piece, but moving forward, Morgan will be brainstorming, selecting the topics, and producing the articles by herself.

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