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2018 Annual Appeal

We have the privilege of assisting people with disabilities to live better, more engaged lives, and moving forward, we want to help them live healthier, more active lives as well.

Even with all the great work we have done, there is still more to do! A staggering 60% of individuals with disabilities are obese, and nearly half of all adults with disabilities who could be physically active, are not active at all.

Many of us face similar decisions each day; do I wake up early and go to the gym? Or do I get an extra 30 minutes of sleep? Do I feel like cooking a healthier dinner? Or will I make a quick stop for fast food because it’s easier?

The individuals we serve not only face these battles, but have additional barriers to making healthy decisions...

Most gyms are not accessible and lack the equipment necessary for success for individuals with disabilities. Many sidewalks don’t have curb cutouts or ramps to make walking paths easier to navigate. Others face psychological barriers, like lack of support, feeling self-conscious, and not even knowing how to begin to exercise.

These barriers and lack of activity lead to chronic health issues, diminished engagement, and lower satisfaction in life. It’s time to change that!

This year, with your help, SpArc Philadelphia will promote a special focus on health and wellness for the people in our programs. This focus will necessitate purchasing new equipment, specialty classes, gym memberships, and overall access to activities and information that will help the people we support begin their journey to a more physically active and healthier life.

Will you help us bring these life changing programs to the people with disabilities that we serve and start them on a path to health and wellness?

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