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Founded in 1948, The Arc of Philadelphia, through its volunteer board, staff and membership has led the way in protecting the rights of and promoting opportunities for children and adults with disabilities by advocating with and for all children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to promote active citizenship, self-determination and full inclusion. The Arc of Philadelphia affiliated with The Arc of Pennsylvania and The Arc of the United States and is a member of the SpArc Philadelphia family of organizations.

The Arc of Philadelphia’s mission is to advocate with and for all children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, to promote active citizenship, self-determination, and full inclusion.


The Rights of People with Cognitive Disabilities to Technology and Information Access

People with cognitive disabilities have an equal right to technology and information access. A coalition of disability organizations and individuals asserted this right in a formal declaration, announced at the Thirteenth Annual Coleman Institute National Conference on Cognitive Disability and Technology, held October 2, 2013, in Broomfield, Colorado.

We invite all of you to read this declaration, The Rights of People with Cognitive Disabilities to Technology and Information Access, and to affirm your commitment to the equal rights of people with cognitive disabilities to technology and information access by endorsing it on the website.


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The Arc Issues Action Alert Regarding Upcoming Senate Vote

Urgent Action Needed -
Tell Our Senators to Vote NO

As early as 2pm today, the U.S. Senate is going to vote on what's called a "motion to proceed" -- this vote determines if they will start debating legislation that cuts and caps Medicaid. We need you to help stop them from even starting this debate.

Now is the time to call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on starting debate on health care legislation, and to vote no on any bill that cuts and caps Medicaid.

If they start debate, they will consider legislation that would pose a dire threat to Medicaid and the millions of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who rely on it.

Every call counts and your calls are working!

This is the civil rights fight of our time, and The Arc thanks each and every advocate who has stepped up in this fight.

Please Note: If you can't get through to the phone number our system gives you, please call the district offices. You can look them up here.

Use our simple tool now to call your Senators now and tell them:

  • I am a member of The Arc.
  • I am a person with I/DD (or a family member of someone with I/DD, or a professional in the disability field).
  • I (or my family member) depend(s) on Medicaid long term supports (or home and community supports) to live in my/our community.
  • Please OPPOSE the motion to proceed, and any legislation that will cut or cap Medicaid.
  • These types of cuts would be devastating to me/us and other people with disabilities and their families.

Thank you for your incredible advocacy!