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Bridges to Inclusion is a program designed to support systems change and individual progress to ensure the inclusion of children with disabilities in the City of Philadelphia. Working in partnership with the community, we build greater inclusive practices, and improved social attitudes toward including people with disabilities through:

  • One-to-one advocacy
    • Provides customized navigation assistance to children with disabilities and their families to help them advocate for inclusive practices in their schools and community.
    • For more information, contact Lisa Johnson at 215-229-4550 x 130 or
  • Inclusion facilitation
    • Provides information and recommendations on inclusive practices
      • Multi-level staff training
      • In-person, webinars
      • Customized curriculum
      • Program development
      • Life setting adjustments (i.e. helping with transition issues at different life stages)
    • For more information, contact Lisa Wallace Larkin at 215-229-4550 x 138 or
  • Coalition building
    • Leads community partners in education, transportation, housing, health, business, service providers, and government to design and implement sustained inclusive settings for people with disabilities.
  • Training
    • Knowledge center on Inclusion in the Community
      • Online resource
      • In-person trainings
      • Published research/best practices