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The Youth Leadership Ability Program promotes and supports leadership skills and opportunities for youth with developmental disabilities through:

Training, Personal Development, & Mentoring

Provides youth with developmental disabilities in high school and college

  • Opportunities to mentor
  • Trainings on secondary transition
  • Connection to peers through group work/workshops
  • Participation in civic engagement opportunities

Youth Leadership Forum

The Annual Youth Leadership Forum is a one-day event held in Philadelphia:

  • Planned and hosted by youth with disabilities and typical peers
  • Active engagement in thinking/discussion of leadership roles in their communities.
  • Outcomes include new leadership ideas and personal goals in the form of individual plans around how to achieve goals
  • Parallel track for parents and caregivers on how to support leadership objectives.
  • A project in collaboration with Philadelphia Transition Council members

Thought Leadership

The Arc of Philadelphia convenes and connects key stakeholders in the Philadelphia area to dialogue and generate solutions relating to youth leadership

Hosting events that advance awareness and adoption of inclusive practices and best practices in Secondary Transition

Technical Assistance

Provides technical support in the area of Secondary Transition, youth leadership development and inclusion for:

  • high schools
  • colleges
  • businesses
  • organizations