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Welcome to SpArc Services

At SpArc Services, our mission is to support people with disabilities by providing programs and services that encourage inclusion, independence, and personal achievement and provide services through programs designed to fit each individual and develop personal goals and milestones for growth.

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts
The Cultural Arts Center fosters creativity, self-confidence, and community connections for adults with developmental disabilities through classes in the visual and performing arts, outings to cultural venues, and opportunities to collaborate with other artists and arts-based organizations. Local artists and educators teach program participants skills in ceramics, drawing, painting, theater, music and movement. People enrolled in the program also make connections to the Philadelphia arts community and beyond through a variety of exhibitions, projects, and partnerships. 

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Job Center

Job Training, Employment Partners and Job Placement Services

Employment Partners administers a vocational evaluation and provides skills training, job placement and job coaching. Highly individualized plans are created and implemented for each person in the program with the definitive goal of finding long-term, independent, competitive community-integrated employment. Services are provided to adults with a wide range of disabilities, behavioral health issues, learning disabilities, visual issues, auditory issues at companies such as Shop Rite, PennDot, Walmart, Prime Flight Aviation and WaWa.

Services provided through our job training center give individuals the tools they need to build basic job skills and earn a paycheck. Through worksites at local businesses, participants are exposed to a variety of job duties and industries. Partnerships include Tasty Baking Company and Hanks Beverage Company.

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Community Supports

Community Supports

Home and Community-Based Services provides assistance for people to achieve a more independent quality of life by providing access to their community in an exciting new way. Services provided include Respite, Companion, Habilitation and Community Inclusion. A customized action plan is created for each participant to ensure that every person is poised to reach his or her full potential. 

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Urgent Presidents' Day Recess Alert - Congress Prepares to Dismantle Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Urgent Presidents' Day Recess Alert - Congress Prepares to Dismantle Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

BREAKING NEWS - The House of Representatives is expected to introduce a bill to cut Medicaid and the ACA on February 27 and to begin committee work immediately.

Congress will be on its Presidents' Day recess next week. We've got lots of ways to help you make this time count! Below is our advocates' "To Do" list for the week of Feb 19-25.

  1. Attend Town Hall Meetings. Check out this great new resource listing all scheduled town hall meetings across the country. If your Senator(s) or Representative has any scheduled next week, please attend and bring your staff, volunteers, friends, and family. Here are questions to ask your Members of Congress about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid.
  2. Share our Latest Action Alert with Your Networks. Take Action to Prevent Gutting of The ACA and Medicaid includes separate fact sheets and talking points. Please share widely since Congress may vote on an ACA repeal measure as soon as the week after the President's Day recess!
  3. Participate in our "#WeActWednesday" Social Media Campaign. The Arc has been sharing advocacy updates and resources on our Facebook and Twitter. Please share, like, and retweet on Wednesday!
  4. Share Peter Berns' Huffington Post Article - Why You Should Care About Looming Medicaid Cuts - with your family, friends, and coworkers. This article published on February 14 breaks the issue down for the general public and advocates alike. Please share far and wide.
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