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SpArc Services to Receive Art-Reach Cultural Access Award

SpArc Services is honored to be recognized as the 2017 Member Agency award recipient in this year’s Art-Reach Cultural Access Awards! Other awardees include the Pennsylvania Ballet and Roger Ideishi.

Art-Reach works every day to expand cultural accessibility to traditionally underserved audiences in the Philadelphia area, something that SpArc Services understands and appreciates more than most. “Access to the arts is an important means of finding a greater connection to a larger community and to oneself,” said Linda Price, Director of the SpArc Services Cultural Arts program. “Many of the people in SpArc’s Cultural Arts program have experienced marginalization in many forms and have not have the opportunity for their voices to be heard.”

In a ceremony to be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at FringeArts, representatives from SpArc Services will accept the award on behalf of all staff and participants that make the program such a success. “Through partnerships with organizations like Art-Reach, the program’s participants gain meaningful participation in a variety of cultural experiences to which they may not otherwise have access,” said Price. “Just as importantly, it provides a larger context and insight into how their artwork and performances can be part of a greater dialogue with the arts community and beyond.”

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