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The Arc of Philadelphia empowers parents and families in advocating for the education of their child with disabilities.

We are proud to present Jason as the SpArc Philadelphia Artist of the Month, known for his experimenting with color and art pieces as a visual journal.

Snowy weather - Building closed 12/17/2020

In this essay, Cultural Arts staff member Fred Henzel takes us inside Billy’s process of creating art, and how using the studio helped advance his art.

Discover what the artists and artisans from the Cultural Arts program at Sparc Services have on offer for your holiday wish list this year! From scented soaps in interesting geometric shapes to hand-painted coasters, from printed holiday cards to beaded jewelry, there are lots of beautiful crafts from which to choose. 

SpArc Philadelphia presents a spotlight on one of our amazing staff members, Ashley, who is the Associate Director for Cultural Arts. Ashley is known around SpArc for her caring heart, which we see every day in her work with participants in the program.

Don't Go Without, Local Food Resources Can Fill Holiday Gaps -- From the PA Department of Human Services

Fred Henzel, a staff member in the Cultural Arts program at SpArc Services, penned this essay to describe what he is learning as he teaches a class called ‘Disability Visibility.’ The class is available to SpArc participants, whether they are receiving services in our North Philadelphia building, or on our virtual program. 

Special Event from Neurodiversity in the Workplace

“Let us be disrupters and agents of change, and bring true meaning to diversity in the workforce,” Lisa Yang said about the endowment and her partnership with the organization.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace Partner Organizations