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Meet the SpArc Teachers: Michael Ambrose

Our teachers in the Cultural Arts program at SpArc Services are so phenomenal, that we wanted to share a look into their talents, passions, and fond SpArc memories! Meet  Michael Ambrose, Visual Arts Teacher for our Cultural Arts program.

Name: Michael Ambrose, though outside of SpArc, most people know me just as Ambrose.

What are you working on right now?: Right now in the Art Room we are working on the last installment of the Cultural Collaboration with LaSalle University’s museum, focusing on European Art for the final collection, and discussing some costume ideas and techniques for the upcoming Halloween season that everyone is getting excited about!

Favorite SpArc moment: Since starting with SpArc back in December 2018 there have been so many great moments throughout the past few months, but collectively, the final week leading up to the Fringe Fest play “Happy Days” because of the energy that the participants had, as well as their excitement in putting the final details into the set and the costumes.  Even the day of the play was met with that same level of enthusiasm, and everyone could not wait to get in line to get their make-up done (and EVERYONE was really into the glitter palette that we had).

Favorite discipline to teach?:  In my classes, we tend to focus on a lot of drawing techniques that range from drawing from still lifes to focus on working with the colors, light, shadows, and the form of the objects; to working in a very illustrative and graphic style by fabricating a shape, or pulling inspiration from famous art works and sculptures.  My two favorite projects to date though have been working “wet on wet” with colored inks and wet paper, and doing a series of pen and ink drawings with collected sticks to add to the mark making of the participants.  

Hidden Gem in Philadelphia:  There are so many things throughout the city that I have experienced in the 16 years that I have lived here, but Autumn in Philadelphia is one of my favorite times of year.  There are so many different festivals happening over the weekends that showcase the diversity in the city, but since Halloween in near and dear to my heart, I would have to say that the tours that the Laurel Hill cemetery offers,  as well as the Henri David  Ball that is held on Halloween every year are my two favorite things that I look forward to.

Your hidden talent/outside of SpArc:  Well, outside of SpArc I am a graphic designer and illustrator and do a lot of graphics for apparel.  This past June for Pride month, I was named one of the Top Ten designers for TeePublic because of my designs and online shop, which was a huge honor.  Hidden talent wise, I would have to bring it back to the theme of Halloween, because I am really into making my own costumes, and helping friends with theirs to get them excited for the holiday. Last year I made a rags-to-gown transformation Cinderella costume that I have to out do this year!


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