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When we discovered that our aging warehouse needed to be torn down, we began to think about what we could do with the 10,000 square feet of space that would become an outdoor space. We heard about a Landscape Architecture program at Thomas Jefferson University and contacted them to see if we could partner in some way.


Led by their instructor Rebekah, several students signed on to help us create a preliminary design for how the space could be transformed. The students were incredible and jumped right in. They started by surveying the outdoor space site, our entire property, and the larger neighborhood to get an idea of what would make sense in our area. They held multiple sessions with program participants, they surveyed staff and board, and talked with many stakeholders to understand the wants and needs for the new space.

Armed with newly created preliminary designs, we applied for and received a grant from The Philadelphia City Fund to partner with Studio Bryan Hanes and a student intern to take the preliminary concept designs and refine them so they would incorporate feedback, and prepare the next iteration of designs. These construction ready designs will enable us to begin the process of construction. 

Access to healthy green environments and places to safely enjoy outdoor exercising are not something that you see enough in North Philadelphia, and we want to change that by building, “The Park at SpArc.”

This new park will help encourage mobility, exercise, outdoor activities and encourage healthier lifestyles, and encourage connections with our neighbors.




We need your help to take our concept, and make it a reality.


Click on the image above to see program participants engage in the student led workshops. Special thanks to the entire team from Thomas Jefferson University's College of Architecture & The Built Environment.

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