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For more than three decades, we have been providing employment services including training, job placement, and job coaching services. Our Director of Employment Services continues to raise the bar in the industry and was recently recognized by the city of Philadelphia for her continuing contribution to creating opportunities for meaningful, community-based employment for individuals with disabilities. Over the last eleven years, our current staff has helped find and place more than 550 jobs for people with disabilities. 

Through our Employment Partners program, adults with disabilities receive a vocational evaluation, skills training, job placement and job coaching. Highly individualized plans are created and implemented for each person with the definitive goal of finding long-term, independent, competitive employment. Annually the program serves an average of 175 people.

We have learned that there are many obstacles to overcome when placing a person in a job that is a good fit. The obstacles cover a wide range of concerns, most commonly, social security benefit questions, transportation issues, safety concerns, and personal apprehension about the ability to work in the community. Over the years we have developed strategies and partnerships with supporting organizations to find answers and creative solutions to these hurdles.

Our approach centers on the deep understanding of the individual, their needs, and the dynamic of the family situation, and we are continually looking for ways to add choices for the people we serve.